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TCC Newsletter 2023

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30th August

The Choice Box

No matter which number the participant picks, they're in for a delightful surprise. All outcomes have been predetermined.

The Choice Box

22nd August

Chinese Teapot

A blend of tradition and new innovative surprises. It boasts a full-stage act packed into a compact form.

Chinese Teapot

Dream Drink

Experience the Magic Pot effect using a single ordinary carton of milk. Effortlessly produce an array of different liquids with practical handling.

Dream Drink

10th August

The Impossible Charger

Charge the Impossible. Borrow any phone and you're ready for the illusion.

The Impossible Charger

Time Cube

A display of time manipulation that combines the VDR and Hopping Coin plot with Rubik's Cube.

27th July

Mini Roulette

A mini version designed for close-up performances, 100% Free Choice and Risk-Free.

Mini Roulette

14th July

Wonder Tube

A Refreshed Triple Transport Bill Tube. Borrowed and signed bill transport in the two nested sealed brass tubes enclosed within a tied velvet bag.

Wonder Tube

6th July

The Strategist

A three-phase routine in magician Elong's theater show repertoire. From Ingenious Puzzle to Performance Piece.

The Strategist

Leather Book Weight

Say Goodbye to the frustration of keeping magic books open while learning from them.

Leather Book Weight

27th June

TCC Presents Survey

If you have any ideas or suggestions for enhancing our current range of accessories or if you believe there are other magic accessories we should consider creating, we would greatly appreciate your feedback. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us here:

We eagerly anticipate receiving your valuable insights and ideas!

21st June

Tempo Elf

The tiniest remote-controlled ITR system you have ever seen.

Tempo Elf

Mystery LED

Light up your magic room with Mystery LED. Control the LED light, turning it on or off at will.

Mystery LED

8th June

The Endless Cup

A modern take on the Lota Bowl. Endless Water, Endless Possibilities.
Endless Cup

Sewn-Edge Basic Close-Up Pad

A lightweight and portable Close-Up Pad that is built to last a lifetime. Available in four colors.

Edge-Sewn Basic Close-Up Pad

New Sponge Ball

The New Sponge Ball by TCC is the result of our efforts to achieve smooth handling at an affordable price.

New Sponge Ball

29th May

TCC Review Event!

A great chance to get an exclusive & unreleased TCC product.

Join our Facebook Group to know more.

25th May

Indian Cups and Balls

Distinctive Cups, Techniques, and Structures: Your New Choice on Cups and Balls.

Indian Cups and Balls

Into Wallet - New Material Added

The Into Wallet is now back in stock, plus a new version: Top-Grain Cowhide Leather.
Into Wallet

20th May

The Frame by Terry

Borrow a ring and pass it through the silver pendant. Experience the wonder of this new EDC!

The Frame by Terry

Unseen Force Pro

Smaller, Smarter, and Stronger, taking levitations one step further.

Unseen Force Pro

10th May

Mental Key Prediction by Conan Liu

Flawlessly predict any four-digit number inscribed on the back of a wooden keychain, without any force.

Mental Key Prediction

Moon Box by Conan Liu

The first wooden version of the classic "Dove Pan" that allows you to produce a variety of objects from an apparently empty box.

Moon Box

26th April

The Tunnel by Artisan Coin

A high-quality, collectible coin penetration prop, with a stunning routine that requires almost no sleight of hand, perfect for magicians of all levels.

The Tunnel

Barallel Vase by Artisan Coin

A modern take on the classic Ball and Vase. An exquisite prop that will leave your audience amazed and delighted with its final surprise.

Barallel Vase

M Box Luxury Set

A new concept coin box that truly combines the features of the Okito and Boston boxes. "Okito" and "Boston" can be switched even during mid-performance and examined at any time.

M Box Luxury Set

5th April

Spirit NameTag by Axel Vergnaud

A Modernized and EDC version of Spirit Slates that you can perform Anywhere, Anytime.

Spirit NameTag

Grandma's Miracle

A new version of the classic Grandma's Necklace. The miracle happens in the audience's hands.

Grandma's Miracle

Dice Miracle

An exquisite wooden ESP dice set, crafted from ebony and boxwood inlays, Enhancing your performance experience.

Dice Miracle

9th March

Mystery Solved 2.0 by David Penn

A new version of the incredible Card to Box effect, more suitable for playing cards and billets.

Mystery Solved 2.0

Inversion Holder by David Penn

Conceal and load fruit with ease and without the bulk of carrying them in a pocket.

Inversion Holder

The Magnetic 8 Ball by David Penn

A secret weapon that David Penn has been using for years to perform the visually stunning eight ball production.

The Magnetic 8 Ball

14th February

Crazy Chinese Coins by Artisan Coin & Jimmy Fan

Clever and Complete Coin Moving Hole Routine. Seven parts in a whole set.

Crazy Chinese Coins

Artistic Combo Cups and Balls Set

New machining technology to conceal the gimmick and ensure that the three cups are identical.

Artistic Combo Cups and Balls Set

ESP Mental Dice

A classic mentalism prop repackaged with ESP symbols.

ESP Mental Dice

27th January

TCC TOP 10 2022 Released!

Bestsellers in 2022! Use the coupon code TOPTEN to get a 20% discount on all items on the list.

TCC TOP 10 in 2022

The Mobius Rising Card by Chen Yang

Multiple cards rise from the center of the deck one at a time, with an instant reset and no sleights of hands required.

Mobius Rising Card

The Mystery Stick by Jimmy Fan

Close-Up Version of a Classic. A Combination of Brass and Wood.

Mystery Stick
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