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About TCC.

If you know us well, you will find that one sentence has been on the official website for several years:

Started in 2008 and officially established in 2011, TCC is a company that works steadfastly and sincerely and hopes to do something different.

We are Commited to Creating Impressive & Heart-moving Products, and we want to be one of the respected and valuable magic company in the world. This is the vision that we still need to work very hard for.

Over the past years, TCC Magic has focused on research and development and manufacturing to build a robust international presence in the highly niche field of Magic. We have successfully running OVER 30 Kickstarter Projects and several projects on Kickstarter and almost every KS project ended in a 1200% crowdfunding result. 

From 0 to 1, we have also set up our official websites(the website you see now) and our teams, and have been successfully releasing Premium Quality magic products globally. Our products have earned a great reputation in the industry and a high repurchase rate.

Our team consists of 35 talented individuals specialied in R&D, design, photography, operations, and warehousing. 

Our goal is to continuously improve and expand our offerings to better serve our customers every step of the way.

Today, we are inviting you to consider a potential collaboration with TCC Magic for your magic and customization needs if you have a Magic Idea or Customization Requirement.

Upon project approval, we promise comprehensive support and operation to make to your ideas a reality.

We quarantee a fast response (normally within 24 hours) and we love to work with magicians who show a true creative spirit and attention to detail.


Why Choose working with us?

  • We pay the high royalty percentage or copyright fees in the industry,
    and we offer complete transparency on financial data.
  • Simply Put -  we can do everything related to the product, including product packaging and design. TCC can guarantee the quality of the products and control the cost effectively, which is what we are good at. 
  • We have a robust global marketing network and distribution channels (China's largest Magic Company, Social Media, and email mailing list), and we will try our very best on Marketing your products.
  • Exceptional photography and video production capabilities, as evidenced by our expertly produced photos and tutorial videos.
  • Our extensive operating experience, demonstrated by our numerous successful projects on Kickstarter. This is a testament to our competence and commitment to the industry. (you can search TCC on Kickstarter to know more)
  • At TCC Magic, we are committed to supporting the success and growth of our partners.

If you have any innovative ideas or proposals, fill in the form below and we will get back to you in 24 Hours.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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