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About Us

Welcome to TCC.

Started in 2008 and was founded in 2011, TCC is one of China's most well-known and trusted magic companies.

TCC Committed to create Premium Quality Products.

We've always been thinking about how to make a quality product to more people at the best price.

What makes a good product? 

The aesthetic appearance, premium quality, and an affordable price are all irreplaceable elements.

We hope to bring the best value-for-money product to every one of our customers.

Over the years, we try our very best to acheieve the goal. And we think we finally made it.

We persist on a low gross margin as the key to our business philosophy rather than making quick money. 

We truly believe that A better Magic Life is not only about the price.

Magic is our true passion and the driving force that brings us to perfection.

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