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Artisan Coin HD Series

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The instructions for Artisan Coin HD Series need to be purchased separately: [Instructions Only] Artisan Coin HD Series


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Artisan Coin

Every coin is manually adjusted.

Every coin passes three quality controls.

A Fresh New Height on Coin Gaffs.

This is Artisan HD Series Set, including 6 AMAZING Gaffed Coin Sets we have been preparing for over 3 years.

Artisan Coin, a new brand under TCC Presents based on Coin Gaff's quality, was founded in 2019 and supervised by Jay Wang. We have spent infinite collaborative efforts, focusing on the world's highest quality and cost-effective coin gaffs and accessories.

All coin magicians must agree that the quality directly determines your performance experience, so every Artisan Coin has been through three different standards of quality control and manual adjustment and refinement to perfect every detail.

At the same time, we want coin gaffs not to be expensive niche toys, but to be everyday carry that everyone carries around, so we will sell all our products at the most reasonable prices.

We also devote ourselves to the exquisite fashion of packaging, so that you can enjoy it when you hold it.

"I just had a chance to look over the superb coin gaffs made by Jay Wang. They are beautifully crafted and elegantly packaged. Looks like the big coin gaff makers have some competition!"

——Michael Rubinstein

Artisan Coin Sets Including:

  • Artisan Half Dollar Expanded Shell (Here to know more)
  • Artisan HD Sun & Moon Set (Here to know more)
  • Artisan HD Hopping Half Set(Here to know more)
  • Artisan HD Folding Coin (Here to know more)
  • Artisan HD Flipper Coin (Here to know more)
  • Artisan HD CSB Set (Here to know more)
  • 6×Coin Purse for Every Set
  • Please note Instructions need to purchase alone.


Artisan Coin HD CSB set

CSB is one of the cleverest inventions in coin gaffs. It is also one of the most powerful transposition effects in coin magic.

No matter how deep your knowledge is regarding coin tricks and coin gaffs, a good CSB routine will short-circuit your brain in an instant.

Even if you open and laid out the secret in front of your eyes, you will surely be stunned by its simple structure, and then suddenly realize it and applaud in awe.

Artisan Half Dollar Expanded Shell

In 1847, J. N. Hofzinser invented the Shell. 

This was a clear indication to all magicians that Coin Magic from that day forth will be forever changed. 

During the last 170 years, magicians have built endlessly upon this genius invention. Transpositions, vanishes, appearances, Penetrations. It's hard to imagine that one could create the most incredible miracles with something so simple

In the field of Coin Magic, where sleight of hand is inevitable, the Coin Shell is undoubtedly the best tool. 

Artisan HD Flipper Coin

Even if you do not have an in-depth knowledge of coin magic, you would have heard of the Flipper Coins a bit.

During the Spring Festival Gala of 2010, Lu Chen shocked the whole of China by performing Dean Dill’s coins through table. And Eric Joes also use Oxy-Clean to fool Penn & Teller.

Being chosen to be performed by these top coin magicians is enough to prove its value.

Whether it is penetrations or vanishes, The Flipper Coin can achieve these effects in a super-visual way.

Certainly, the prerequisite of all this is for you to have a great quality Flipper Coin.

And we think we made it.

Please Note: The flipper coin is not assembled when you receive it. Please follow the instruction to assemble it. The band needs to be changed about once a month. 

Artisan HD Folding Coin

Another "Century-old Classic":

Due to the development of machining technology, coin gaffs have gradually formed over the past hundred years. Those that can have remained till this day are all treasures of Magic.

The Artisan Coin series is committed to redefining these "Century-old classics" coin gaffs with modern technology and craftsmanship.

The Tri-fold Coin is undoubtedly an indispensable classic.

Artisan HD Hopping Half Set

Imagine having two coins, one silver, and one copper, in your hand. You take one of the coins cleanly and put it in your pocket. Then you open your hand and find that both coins are still there.

After repeating this three times, you then slowly place the copper coin in your pocket and open your hand. Where the audience expects to see two coins, the coins have now disappeared.

In our minds, we might think that performing such an incredible coin effect may require a lot of complicated sleights. However, whether you have practiced magic prior to this or not, when you pick up this gaff set, you will be performing the same effect in 3 minutes.

Artisan HD Sun & Moon Set

The changes between the sun and moon, sunset and sunrise. This is the unique romance of The Sun & Moon coins.

-In the original version, due to the size, the penny shell could not fit over the half-dollar. Hence, some coins could only be concealed using sleight of hand.

-For the Artisan Coin series, we have specially made a half-dollar, which is trimmed and re-milled. The appearance is no different from a regular half-dollar. However, because it can fit into the penny shell, the difficulty during the performance is greatly reduced and can be easily controlled, even for a novice.

Even the producer of the trailer commented that it was no different from shooting a regular coin. Hence we have added the split after the coin roll, in order to dispel any comments that we are using a regular coin for the trailer.


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