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Artisan HD Flipper Coin

Product image 1Artisan HD Flipper Coin
Product image 2Artisan HD Flipper Coin
Product image 3Artisan HD Flipper Coin
Product image 4Artisan HD Flipper Coin
Product image 5Artisan HD Flipper Coin
Product image 6Artisan HD Flipper Coin
Product image 7Artisan HD Flipper Coin

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The Instructions for Artisan HD Flipper Coin need to be purchased separately here: Artisan HD Flipper Coin Instructions


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Even if you do not have an in-depth knowledge of coin magic, you would have heard of the Flipper Coins a bit.

During the Spring Festival Gala of 2010, Lu Chen shocked the whole of China by performing Dean Dill’s coins through table. And Eric Joes also use Oxy-Clean to fool Penn & Teller.

Being chosen to be performed by these top coin magicians is enough to prove its value.

Whether it is penetrations or vanishes, The Flipper Coin can achieve these effects in a super-visual way. Whether it is penetrations or vanishes, The Flipper Coin can achieve these effects in a super-visual way.

Certainly, the prerequisite of all this is for you to have a great quality Flipper Coin.

And we think we made it.

In order to produce the most ideal Flipper Coin, we have mustered the best craftsmanship that was initially used only on high-end silver coins, instilled them into the Artisan Coin Half-Dollar Flipper Coin, and chose what we believe to be the best structure.

Due to the different workings and principles of The Flipper Coins, they are further segregated into gravity, magnetic, elastic, and Pro Elastic... Even many coin enthusiasts are unclear of the differences, let alone those that have never heard of them.

What we have used is an internal groove and also re-milled the edges. The use of a shim allows for it to switch between gravity and magnetic mode. High-precision wire cutting produces gimmicks that are hard to decern even at close range. The shell and coin nest perfectly, almost no different from a regular coin.

This coin can be said to meet all of your flipper needs.

-High-precision cut. Probably the most undetectable at present.

-Internal groove with re-milled edges. Almost identical to regular coins.

-Probably one of the easiest Flipper Coins to maintain.

-Gravity and magnetic dual system.


-Artisan HD Flipper Coin

-Coin Purse For the Flipper Coin

-Full instructions are not included. Instructional Tutorial is sold separately: Artisan HD Flipper Coin Instructions

Please Note: The flipper coin is not assembled when you receive it. The assembling guide excerpted from the instructions is included in this product. Please follow the guide to assemble it. The band needs to be changed about once a month. 

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