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Crazy Sam’s Mind by Sam Huang

Product image 1Crazy Sam’s Mind by Sam Huang
Product image 2Crazy Sam’s Mind by Sam Huang
Product image 3Crazy Sam’s Mind by Sam Huang
Product image 4Crazy Sam’s Mind by Sam Huang
Product image 5Crazy Sam’s Mind by Sam Huang
Product image 6Crazy Sam’s Mind by Sam Huang
Product image 7Crazy Sam’s Mind by Sam Huang
Product image 8Crazy Sam’s Mind by Sam Huang
Product image 9Crazy Sam’s Mind by Sam Huang
Product image 10Crazy Sam’s Mind by Sam Huang
Product image 11Crazy Sam’s Mind by Sam Huang

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TCC Special Selection is Now Live!

TCC Special Selection is dedicated to presenting the finest magic products from around the world, and we hope offering unique and additional value.

Our original passion remains unchanged: we love these products and wish to share what we love with our customers, hoping you will love them too.

The first two products of TCC Special Selection come from the genius magician Sam Huang. At just 23 years old, this young prodigy has released various imaginative creations – Crazy Sam's Handcuffs, Crazy Sam's Finger Ring, and Crazy Sam's Solve. His performance on America's Got Talent, where he captivated the audience and judges with just his fingers, is particularly noteworthy.

Here is a product we absolutely love:

Crazy Sam’s Mind

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TCC's Thoughts on Crazy Sam’s Mind:

It's so hot at Blackpool 2024!

When we first received the props, we were amazed at how this common item could invisibly achieve such a wide range of stunning visual effects. It's not for everyone, as it requires considerable practice and skill, but it is sure to captivate everyone's imagination.


Combining multiple effects such as telekinesis, transformation, and object disappearance, Crazy Sam’s Mind stands out among the magic products of 2024.

"I believe Crazy Sam’s Mind deserves the title of Trick of the Year, for its feat of crushing a potato chip on the audience's hand, almost as if you possess telekinetic abilities. The only downside? It requires practice. But mastering it transforms you into a modern wizard." 

- Hanson Chien

Basic Effect

You start by placing a playing card in your hand and flicking it from a distance with just your finger. Next, you set a pair of glasses on the table, and with your hands beside them, they suddenly spring up. Finally, you ask an audience member to hold a potato chip in their hand, and using telekinesis, you crush it from a distance.

About the Props

The props included are designed to be as inconspicuous as possible in size and color.

New Method

Previously, telekinetic effects relied on threads or magnets for object manipulation. However, neither method could achieve the distant crushing of a potato chip. Crazy Sam's Mind introduces new techniques for these effects, sure to excite telekinesis enthusiasts.

A System

This trick is not just a single effect; it's an invisible force applicable to various magic tricks. It allows you to create an unseen impact instantly. Sam will guide you through this system from basics to advanced techniques, including transforming and disappearing items. The possibilities are endless!


  • Quick setup
  • Uses ordinary objects
  • No concerns about lighting conditions
  • What you see in the trailer is how it looks live
  • Includes instructions and necessary props


  • Designated props for tricks
  • Complete video tutorials


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