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Crazy Sam's Solve by Sam Huang

Product image 1Crazy Sam's Solve by Sam Huang
Product image 2Crazy Sam's Solve by Sam Huang
Product image 3Crazy Sam's Solve by Sam Huang
Product image 4Crazy Sam's Solve by Sam Huang
Product image 5Crazy Sam's Solve by Sam Huang
Product image 6Crazy Sam's Solve by Sam Huang
Product image 7Crazy Sam's Solve by Sam Huang
Product image 8Crazy Sam's Solve by Sam Huang
Product image 9Crazy Sam's Solve by Sam Huang
Product image 10Crazy Sam's Solve by Sam Huang
Product image 11Crazy Sam's Solve by Sam Huang

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TCC Special Selection is Now Live!

TCC Special Selection is dedicated to presenting the finest magic products from around the world, and we hope offering unique and additional value.

Our original passion remains unchanged: we love the products and wish to share what we love with our customers, hoping you will love them too.

The first two products of TCC Special Selection come from the genius magician Sam Huang. At just 23 years old, this young prodigy has released various imaginative creations – Crazy Sam's Handcuffs, Crazy Sam's Finger Ring, and Crazy Sam's Mind. His performance on America's Got Talent, where he captivated the audience and judges with just his fingers, is particularly noteworthy.

Here is a product we absolutely love:

Crazy Sam's Solve

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TCC's Thoughts on Crazy Sam's Solve

It's just amazing and beautiful.

You will receive an RD practice cube and an online tutorial. 

Everything in the tutorial is truly remarkable. The 9 incredible visual instant solves stand out, and the concepts involved enhance the deception of any instant solve technique you've been using. The effects you can achieve are well worth the effort required to practice the moves.


Welcome to Crazy Sam's Solve!

This is the ENCYCLOPEDIA of Cube Solves by magician Sam Huang, creator of Crazy Sam’s Handcuffs, Crazy Sam’s Finger Ring, and Crazy Sam’s Mind. In this project, you'll discover all his groundbreaking techniques for instant cube solves, which appear unbelievably like CGI special effects. Check out the trailer to see it for yourself!

Instant cube solving is one of the most visual and improvisational effects that can astonish audiences in an instant. By mastering these remarkable instant cube solve methods by Same Huang, you can make your cube magic the highlight of any performance.

In this project, you will learn incredible techniques such as the Expansion Solve, Show Solve, Drop Solve, Blow Solve, Flick Solve, Lock Solve, Shadow Solve, Switch Solve, Blur Solve, and many more of his groundbreaking concepts.

Imagine solving cubes with a flick of your fingers, turning them on/off like a switch, or just passing the cube through the shadow of your hand. You can even solve it gradually, watching the colors expand on one side until the entire cube is solved! And the best part? You can even solve it while a spectator is holding the cube!

To enhance your learning experience, an RD Practice Cube is included with this product.


  • Instant cube solving that looks like CGI effects with sleight of hand
  • An encyclopedia of instant cube solve effects


  • An RD Practice Cube perfectly suited for the magic
  • 1 hour of detailed explanations, featuring up to 9 solid cube solves, multiple concepts that can be applied to your existing techniques, and a complete one-cube routine
  • Subtitles available in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish


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