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Money changing, disappear the silk and coins, disappear the sponge balls or changed something into small goldfish, disappear and reappear of powder, etc. When I was in junior high school, the owner of the magic shop told me that as long as I bought this thumb tip, I could perform thousands of magic tricks...This is the first time I met a thumb tip.

But until I was in high school, I didn't dare to use this prop to perform magic, because I always felt that it was too obvious, and the audience will see it. And then I gradually understood the meaning of the thumb tip itself. After college, I saw a certain magician perform different magic tricks for nearly an hour with this prop alone, WTF for nearly an hour! This made me finally realize that this product is not a normal thing, it is gold! It can give you all kinds of "abilities" as the owner of the magic shop said.

It is precise because of these characteristics of thumb tip that I have determined that this is a product that our TCC Presents must produce. After referring to my own and other people’s experience and various samples, I started to promote the case. I thought I could make an ideal product soon, but in the process, I discovered that this little thing has difficult problems to solve.

First of all, a good thumb tip must expand the capacity to the maximum under a limited volume, so the edge of it must be treated as thin as possible. In this way, there are high requirements for the material; secondly, the material that meets the requirements tends to reflect light, so we have to solve the problem of light reflection; And one more thing, people who have a thicker thumb are difficult to put in and take out, especially when the thumb tip is loaded.

Many of our other products often encounter this kind of problem, but fortunately, all of them were solved through communication in the end. Thank goodness, this made us a step forward in the idea of ​​letting magicians buy the best at a reasonable price.


*Classic size, about 5cm in length and 2.2cm in inner diameter

*The surface has been specially treated, so there is almost no strong reflection and high gloss

*The shape and texture are softer, and the use process will be more concealed

*The inner surface is ultra-thin, and the capacity is relatively large

*The fingertip part are appropriately thickened, which is more suitable for disappearing cigarettes


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