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Monster Switch 2.0 by Alex Zhan & TCC

Product image 1Monster Switch 2.0 by Alex Zhan & TCC
Product image 2Monster Switch 2.0 by Alex Zhan & TCC
Product image 3Monster Switch 2.0 by Alex Zhan & TCC
Product image 4Monster Switch 2.0 by Alex Zhan & TCC
Product image 5Monster Switch 2.0 by Alex Zhan & TCC

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Monster Switch - This is revelled by Sleight of hand fanatics!

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Switching a playing card can be said to be an essential skill for every magician to possess.

One could achieve a variety of visual effects such as color changes and playing card transpositions, or secretly switch out a spectator’s cards. The utility move has a very important role and position in the realm of card magic.

However, as one delves deeper, there are almost no card-switching techniques that are both visual and covert at the same time. Even if there were, the difficulty level would be quite high.

Nevertheless, the inventor of ‘Ninja’, Alex Zhan, has developed a card-switching technique that exhibits these two attributes simultaneously. This is - Monster Switch.

Key features:

-Pure sleight of hand

-Single-handed operation

-Multiple applications

-Easy to learn

Monster Switch can be used for visual effects such as color changes and other visual changes. It can also be used to secretly switch cards during a routine. Alex has used this technique personally in actual performance for many years, I believe that you too could feel its potential and capabilities through the video trailer.

In the video tutorial, Alex will teach you multiple routines and applications of this technique. Most of these are even comparable to gimmicked magic. In addition to this, The Monster Switch is a utility move that also allows you to create your own routines. The cost-to-benefit ratio is obvious.

Multiple applications, surefire amazement.

In terms of difficulty levels, for the adept card worker, the Monster Switch is almost ready to use. However, for our friends who are not so proficient in card handling techniques, there is no need to worry. According to the results of several of our colleagues' learning the technique together, they only needed about half a day’s practice to get it to a usable proficiency.


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