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Magician's Organizer

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Do you have multiple decks of playing cards, coins, rubber bands strewn across your desk? 

Clear up the clutter on your magic desk.

The design of storage spaces is a very in-depth category of design. Through scientific rational and clever design, chaos can become order.

As magic enthusiasts and magicians continue to perform and practice, being able to combine storage of one’s magic props and accessories with portability has become more and more important. The TCC Presents Magician's Organizer is a multifunctional close-up magic storage organizer designed specifically to address this problem. A combination of portability, storage, and practicality.

The Magician's Organizer is specially designed for the close-up magician or magic enthusiast. The size is efficient and the design is exquisite. It can easily accommodate various close-up magic props like coins, playing cards, dice, poker chips, rubber bands, Sharpie markers, pens, business cards, and other magic accessories. A high-quality close-up pad is also included.

The Magician's Organizer is perfect for intimate performances, practice, magic jamming sessions, and game nights.

In terms of function, we have considered most user’s traits and habits. For added convenience, the Magician's Organizer also comes with a portable vegan/faux/PU leather Folio Carrying Bag, allowing you to conveniently carry the Magician's Organizer with you whenever you go and also acts as additional storage for your other accessories.

In terms of materials, imported cross-grain embossed leather with a lighter texture is selected. It is hand-sewn with excellent workmanship. Not only is it beautiful and concise but also guarantees longevity. The surface of the close-up pad is supple, with a high high-density foam layer inside, making it very comfortable to use. The Folio Carrying Bag is made of plain-weave vegan/faux/PU leather. Thin, yet high quality. It is suitable for a variety of environments and even outdoor conditions. It does not fade and can easily carry and protect the Magician's Organizer at all times.

Suitable for:

Magicians, Magic enthusiasts, Card players.


Close-up Pad + Storage + Portability

Product specifications:

*TCC Close-up Magic Organizer size

Close-up pad dimensions: 287×188×11mm

External dimensions of storage organizer: 297×198×30mm

Thickness of the outer wall of the storage organizer: 5mm

Thickness of the internal partition of the storage box: 4mm

*TCC Close-up Magic Organizer weight: 409g (±6g)

*TCC Close-up Magic Organizer matching Folio Carrying Bag size: 323×226×47mm

*Magic Organizer and Folio Carrying Bag weight: 500g (±8g)

 (Please allow for variance in manual measurement, subject to the actual product.)

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