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Dalmatian by Hyde Ren ft. Zuming

Product image 1Dalmatian by Hyde Ren ft. Zuming
Product image 2Dalmatian by Hyde Ren ft. Zuming
Product image 3Dalmatian by Hyde Ren ft. Zuming
Product image 4Dalmatian by Hyde Ren ft. Zuming
Product image 5Dalmatian by Hyde Ren ft. Zuming
Product image 6Dalmatian by Hyde Ren ft. Zuming
Product image 7Dalmatian by Hyde Ren ft. Zuming
Product image 8Dalmatian by Hyde Ren ft. Zuming
Product image 9Dalmatian by Hyde Ren ft. Zuming

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Sometime last year, during our gathering with fellow magicians, one comment keeps popping up: "Have you seen Hyde Ren's dice routine?"

Although we haven't seen it before, we had a feeling that it would not be that simple. Intrigued, we found the video performance, and as expected, we could not wait to get our hands on it!

We immediately contacted him but were told that the routine was not ready. Since then, our regular greeting when we met with Hyde Ren was, "Sir, is the dice routine ready?" and would always receive a cold reply, "Not yet."

Finally, half a year later, the long-awaited dice routine is now finally presented to you - Dalmatian.

The paddle move with dice s a very classic and practical technique. Prior to this, it was just an impromptu little magic trick that most magicians used to make the dots dice seemingly jump around.

Hyde Ren has fully exploited the potential value of this principle and created a complete routine with dice: From the pips on one side of one die changing, to the pips on each face of the six-sided die becoming 2s, and then completely vanishing, leaving a pure white cube without pips (thanks to Zuming for his help in streaming lining and polishing the final phase of the routine).

The routine is well-choreographed, and has a progressive three-stage structure, with multiple visual effects embedded within. Truly fascinating.

In terms of the props included, two sets of dice are provided, for a total of six dice. So there is nothing to worry about even if you lose any one of the dice.

The specially designed multi-function holder for the dice serves as both a holder/storage and set-up/reset device. It is a very ingenious part of the whole routine and prop design.

For magic enthusiasts who like practical seemingly "impromptu" and organic magic, it is one of the must-haves that should not be missed.

  • Pips on the die change visually.
  • Small and portable, ready for spontaneous performance.
  • The full set includes one special holder and two sets of special dice required.
  • Full detailed online video tutorial.


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