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June 2024: Turning Fork Accessory Kit

This kit is perfect for performing David Roth's renowned Tuning Fork routine, which can be learned from the book Expert Coin Magic —— This is also one of David Roth's most famous routines in the magic world.

Special Thanks to David —— He unleashed his genius imagination to the extreme, turning items that sounded unrelated to coins - funnels, erasers, balloons, tuning forks - into just the right and indispensable part of the process, creating those classic works.

First create an echo with an empty cup, then turn the echo into a coin, and ultimately everything returns to nothingness.

In an era where most coin magic remained at the Trick level, the tuning fork undoubtedly pushed coins to the height of art.

The Echo goes on.


  • Tuning Fork: Not all tuning forks can achieve the sound effect of the routine. We carefully select a high-quality steel tuning fork that is both portable and produces a strong echo.
  • Cylinder: A pure brass cylinder with a cork ball and elastic bands for optional fixation. Additionally, it features a screw cap design that greatly improves portability and installation speed.
  • Coin clip: A U-shaped high-carbon steel coin clip to silently vanish six half dollars simultaneously.

Enjoy the show by David Roth:

It's truly one of the most beautiful pieces of magic ever devised. Enjoy.

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