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FULFILLMENT FOR The TCC FINAL Wood Combo Cups and Balls Sets

FULFILLMENT FOR The TCC FINAL Wood Combo Cups and Balls Sets

Packages are shipped from China.

You can track HERE

PS:There may generate a new tracking number  when package arrives at your country, if necessary, please contact us to get it.

We just sent out all orders and tracking will be updated later.

*IMPORTANT: Please keep track of your package status in time, by any chance the delivery does not succeed due to contact issues (nobody at home/ courier is not able to contact you), please contact your local delivery company ASAP to collect your package. Otherwise, the package could be disposed or destroyed and TCC won't take any responsibility for this.


It can be found in the pledge confirmation email you got from Kickstarter. 

It can also be found in the list of backed projects on your Kickstarter account.

If you don't find your tracking number here, please contact and tell us your backer number, we will check it for you.




MBQ2 DY0100001870062
MBQ3 776269557830
MBQ-4 SF6043331841229
MBQ-5 SF6043331841210
MBQ6 3A5V603204742
MBQ7 DY0100001870070
MBQ8 3A5V602944273
MBQ9 DY0100001825660
MBQ-10 SF6043331841247
MBQ11 DY0100001870088
MBQ12 DY0100001825991
MBQ-13 SF6043331841238
MBQ14 3A5V602950640
MBQ-15 SF6043331843097
MBQ-17 SF6043331841274
MBQ18 DY0100001870096
MBQ-19 SF6043331841283
MBQ20 DY0100001825678
MBQ-21 SF6043331841265
MBQ-22 SF6043331841292
MBQ-23 SF6043331841308
MBQ24 DY0100001825546
MBQ-26 SF6043331841317
MBQ29 DY0100001829423
MBQ-30 SF6043331841326
MBQ-31 SF6043331841335
MBQ-32 SF6043331841353
MBQ-33 SF6043331841344
MBQ-34 SF6043331841371
MBQ-35 SF6043331841380
MBQ36 DY0100001870104
MBQ37 DY0100001825686
MBQ39 10004135683876
MBQ-40 SF6043331841362
MBQ-41 SF6043331841399
MBQ42 10004135683906
MBQ-44 SF6043331841413
MBQ45&MBQ279 776269601689
MBQ46 DY0100001870112
MBQ47 DY0100001825694
MBQ48 4PX3000030698045CN
MBQ49 3A5V602951132
MBQ-50 SF6043331841404
MBQ51 DY0100001825496
MBQ52 DY0100001825397
MBQ-53 SF6043331841431
MBQ-54 SF6043331841468
MBQ-55 SF6043331841459
MBQ-59 SF6043331841486
MBQ-61 SF6043331843185
MBQ62 DY0100001825702
MBQ-63 SF6043331841501
MBQ-64 SF6043331843158
MBQ-65 SF6043331841510
MBQ-66 SF6043332066665
MBQ67 4PX3000030686127CN
MBQ68 3A5V602917759
MBQ69 3A5V603204523
MBQ-71 SF6043331841529
MBQ-73 SF6043331841538
MBQ74 4PX3000030699356CN
MBQ-75 SF6043331841547
MBQ-77 SF6043331843176
MBQ80 DY0100001829431
MBQ-81 SF6043331841583
MBQ-82 SF6043331841592
MBQ-83 SF6043331841626
MBQ-84 SF6043331841556
MBQ-86 SF6043331841635
MBQ-87 SF6043331841644
MBQ88 DY0100001826007
MBQ-89 SF6043331841653
MBQ-90 SF6043331841662
MBQ91 3A5V602950641
MBQ-93 SF6043331841671
MBQ-94 SF6043331841680
MBQ95 0078710078719519506412
MBQ96 DY0100001829449
MBQ-97 SF6043331841699
MBQ99 DY0100001825710
MBQ100 DY0100001826023
MBQ-101 SF6043331841704
MBQ-102 SF6043331843149
MBQ103 DY0100001829456
MBQ-104 SF6043331841722
MBQ105 DY0100001829464
MBQ-106 SF6043331841740
MBQ-107 SF6043331841768
MBQ-108 SF6043331841777
MBQ110 DY0100001829472
MBQ111 DY0100001829480
MBQ-114 SF6043331841786
MBQ-115 SF6043331841801
MBQ-116 SF6043331841865
MBQ-117 SF6043331841810
MBQ118 DY0100001870120
MBQ119 DY0100001825728
MBQ120 3A5V603204788
MBQ-121 SF6043331841883
MBQ-122 SF6043331841874
MBQ123 4PX3000030784274CN
MBQ125 DY0100001870138
MBQ-126 SF6043331841892
MBQ-127 SF6043331841908
MBQ-131 SF6043331841917
MBQ132 DY0100001870146
MBQ-134 SF6043331841926
MBQ-136 SF6043331841935
MBQ-137 SF6043331841980
MBQ138 DY0100001825736
MBQ139 10004135675338
MBQ-141 SF6043331841999
MBQ144 DY0100001825744
MBQ-145 SF6043331842029
MBQ-147 SF6043331842001
MBQ148 DY0100001870153
MBQ-149 SF6043331842038
MBQ150 4PX3000030686448CN
MBQ-151 SF6043331842047
MBQ-153 SF6043331842056
MBQ155 SF6043332626833
MBQ-157 SF6043331842065
MBQ-158 SF6043331842083
MBQ-159 SF6043331842092
MBQ-160 SF6043331842074
MBQ161 DY0100001829498
MBQ-162 SF6043331843088
MBQ-163 SF6043331842108
MBQ-164 SF6043331842117
MBQ165 DY0100001825751
MBQ-166 SF6043331842126
MBQ-167 SF6043331842144
MBQ-168 SF6043331842135
MBQ169 DY0100001829514
MBQ170 DY0100001870161
MBQ171 SF6043332626842
MBQ-172 SF6043331843167
MBQ-173 SF6043331842162
MBQ174 776269522700
MBQ175 DY0100001829530
MBQ-176 SF6043331842171
MBQ-177 SF6043331842180
MBQ178 DY0100001829522
MBQ179 4PX3000030703268CN
MBQ-180 SF6043331843103
MBQ-181 SF6043331842205
MBQ-182 SF6043331842214
MBQ-184 SF6043331842232
MBQ-185 SF6043331842250
MBQ186 DY0100001825371
MBQ187 SF6043332626860
MBQ-188 SF6043331842278
MBQ-189 SF6043331842296
MBQ-190 SF6043331843334
MBQ-191 SF6043331842320
MBQ-192 SF6043331842339
MBQ-193 SF6043331842366
MBQ-194 SF6043331842384
MBQ-195 SF6043331843112
MBQ197 4PX3000030687643CN
MBQ-199 SF6043331842408
MBQ-200 SF6043331842426
MBQ-201 SF6043331842444
MBQ-202 SF6043331842471
MBQ204 4PX3000030648408CN
MBQ205 3A5V602950724
MBQ206 3A5V602951134
MBQ-208 SF6043331842480
MBQ-209 SF6043331842514
MBQ-210 SF6043331842541
MBQ211 DY0100001825330
MBQ212 DY0100001825769
MBQ213 DY0100001826528
MBQ214 DY0100001829548
MBQ215 DY0100001826569
MBQ-216 SF6043331842578
MBQ217 DY0100001829555
MBQ218 DY0100001829563
MBQ219 DY0100001829589
MBQ220 DY0100001829571
MBQ222 4PX3000030654645CN
MBQ-223 SF6043331842596
MBQ225 DY0100001829597
MBQ-226 SF6043331842611
MBQ227 4PX3000030709611CN
MBQ228 DY0100001825314
MBQ229 DY0100001829605
MBQ230 DY0100001829613
MBQ-231 SF6043331842648
MBQ232 DY0100001825777
MBQ234 DY0100001829621
MBQ235 DY0100001825785
MBQ236 DY0100001870179
MBQ-237 SF6043331842657
MBQ-238 SF6043331842684
MBQ-239 SF6043331842708
MBQ240 3A5V602951137
MBQ241 3A5V603202514
MBQ-243 SF6043331843121
MBQ-244 SF6043331842735
MBQ245 DY0100001826585
MBQ248 SF6043332626888
MBQ-249 SF6043331843661
MBQ-250 SF6043331842753
MBQ251 DY0100001825793
MBQ253 DY0100001829639
MBQ-255 SF6043331842771
MBQ-256 SF6043331842799
MBQ-257 SF6043331842814
MBQ258 DY0100001825298
MBQ-259 SF6043331842823
MBQ-260 SF6043331842832
MBQ-261 SF6043331842841
MBQ263 3A5V602951135
MBQ264 3A5V602950635
MBQ265 4PX3000030741673CN
MBQ266 4PX3000030688114CN
MBQ267 3A5V603202736
MBQ-268 SF6043331842878
MBQ-271 SF6043331842887
MBQ272 DY0100001870187
MBQ273 DY0100001826759
MBQ274 DY0100001825801
MBQ275 SF6043332626897
MBQ276 DY0100001825819
MBQ277 4PX3000030784069CN
MBQ278 DY0100001825272
MBQ-279 SF6043331842896
MBQ280 DY0100001870195
MBQ-282 SF6043331842902
MBQ283 DY0100001829647
MBQ286 3A5V603202483
MBQ287 DY0100001825827
MBQ288 4PX3000030741994CN
MBQ289 3A5V602950636
MBQ290 DY0100001870203
MBQ291 DY0100001825249
MBQ293 DY0100001876200
MBQ294 3A5V603204830
MBQ295 903488659243
MBQ-296 SF6043331842920
MBQ297 DY0100001876234
MBQ298 3A5V602950638
MBQ299 DY0100002170447
MBQ-300 SF6043331842939
MBQ-301 SF6043331842948
MBQ302 3A5V602950639
MBQ303 DY0100001826643
MBQ-304 SF6043331842957
MBQ305 DY0100001876242
MBQ306 DY0100001825215
MBQ-307 SF6043331842975
MBQ308 DY0100001825835
MBQ309 DY0100001829654
MBQ312 411176409122
MBQ314 3A5V602990299
MBQ-315 SF6043331842984
MBQ316 10004135683883
MBQ317 3A5V602950666
MBQ318 DY0100001829662
MBQ319 DY0100001826635
MBQ320 DY0100001825165
MBQ321 3A5V602951131
MBQ322 3A5V602950728
MBQ326 3A5V602951133
MBQ328 4PX3000030655147CN
MBQ329 DY0100001825652
MBQ-330 SF6043331842993
MBQ331 3A5V602950734
MBQ332 776269578632
MBQ-333 SF6043331843006
MBQ-334 SF6043331843015
MBQ335 DY0100001825983
MBQ-336 SF6043331843033
MBQ337 DY0100001876259
MBQ-340 SF6043331843042
MBQ341 DY0100001826619
MBQ-342 SF6043331843051
MBQ345 10004135683890
MBQ346 DY0100001876267
MBQ347 DY0100001826825
MBQ348 DY0100001825140
MBQ-350 SF6043331843060
MBQ-351 SF6043331843079
MBQ352 4PX3000030632643CN
MBQ353 3A5V602951136
MBQ354 DY0100001876275
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