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FULFILLMENT FOR The Azure Dragon & Time Machine Wood Frame Set by ARK Team



You can track HERE

PS:There may generate a new tracking number when package arrives at your country, if necessary, please contact us to get it.


Please keep track of your package status in time, by any chance the delivery does not succeed due to contact issues (nobody at home/ courier is not able to contact you), please contact your local delivery company ASAP to collect your package. Otherwise, the package could be disposed or destroyed and ARK won't take any responsibility for this.

It can be found in the pledge confirmation email you got from Kickstarter.

It can also be found in the list of backed projects on your Kickstarter account.

If you don't find your tracking number here, please contact and tell us your backer number, we will check it for you.



TDK14 4PX3000133755232CN
TDK16 SF6043375151298
TDK17 DY0100010601904
TDK19 DY0100010601037
TDK23 SF6043375151304
TDK26 DY0100010601300
TDK30 SF6043375151386
TDK33 SF6043375151322
TDK53 3A5V607211434
TDK54 4PX3000133717391CN
TDK56 SF6043375179605
TDK57 SF6043375151400
TDK59 SF6043375151419
TDK64 SF6043375198304
TDK79 SF6043375151428
TDK90 DY0100010601318
TDK95 SF6043375151446
TDK96 DY0100010601912
TDK97 DY0100010601045
TDK98 DY0100010601052
TDK102 4PX3000133766504CN
TDK105 SF6043375151455
TDK106 SF6043375151473
TDK107 SF6043375154015
TDK112 SF6043375151507
TDK119 SF6043375152801
TDK127 SF6043375151368
TDK128 SF6043375151516
TDK129 SF6043375151534
TDK150 SF6043375151543
TDK153 DY0100010602324
TDK159 SF6043375196710
TDK162 SF6043375151552
TDK163 3A5V607211461
TDK173 DY0100010601326
TDK181 3A5V607211530
TDK190 4PX3000133718374CN
TDK197 SF6043375152935
TDK201 4PX3000133769871CN
TDK0211 SF6043375154033
TDK223 SF6043375151561
TDK225 SF6043375151570
TDK236 SF6043375179756
TDK237 SF6043375151589
TDK243 4PX3000133770907CN
TDK257 SF6043375151598
TDK262 DY0100010601920
TDK271 SF6043375151604
TDK288 SF6043375196738
TDK293 4PX3000133723330CN
TDK295 SF6043375151613
TDK298 SF6043375151622
TDK307 SF6043375151659
TDK311 SF6043375151668
TDK320 SF6043375151677
TDK331 SF6043375151686
TDK337 SF6043375151719
TDK348 SF6043375151764
TDK352 SF6043375151773
TDK360 SF6043375151791
TDK370 SF6043375151834
TDK384 SF6043375151843
TDK385 DY0100010602332
TDK407 DY0100010602340
TDK416 SF6043375151852
TDK422 SF6043375151861
TDK441 DY0100010601938
TDK442 DY0100010601334
TDK447 SF6043375179826
TDK452 DY0100010601342
TDK453 SF6043375151870
TDK454 SF6043375151889
TDK458 DY0100010601359
TDK465 DY0100010601060
TDK466 SF6043375151898
TDK484 DY0100010601367
TDK489 SF6043375151904
TDK509 4PX3000133723026CN
TDK517 SF6043375151913
TDK527 SF6043375196747
TDK529 SF6043375179853
TDK0530 SF6043375146128
TDK532 SF6043375151922
TDK560 DY0100010609352
TDK579 DY0100010601383
TDK581 DY0100010602357
TDK592 SF6043375151931
TDK596 SF6043375151940
TDK601 DY0100010602365
TDK620 SF6043375151968
TDK626 SF6043375151986
TDK635 SF6043375151995
TDK641 SF6043375152962
TDK649 SF6043375179969
TDK655 DY0100010601946
TDK656 DY0100010601078
TDK660 SF6043375152007
TDK675 SF6043375152025
TDK680 3A5V607211531
TDK686 SF6043375152034
TDK713 SF6043375152043
TDK719 SF6043375152052
TDK721 SF6043375152061
TDK722 SF6043375152070
TDK740 SF6043375152089
TDK748 4PX3000133721992CN
TDK755 DY0100010601953
TDK775 SF6043375180032
TDK780 SF6043375196774
TDK791 DY0100010601086
TDK795 SF6043375152098
TDK798 DY0100010601391
TDK801 DY0100010601409
TDK807 DY0100010601417
TDK828 SF6043375152104
TDK841 DY0100010601094
TDK847 SF6043375152113
TDK857 3A5V607211532
TDK871 SF6043375152131
TDK890 SF6043375152168
TDK893 DY0100010603512
TDK896 3A5V607211651
TDK908 SF6043375152177
TDK913 4PX3000133721572CN
TDK917 SF6043375152186
TDK921 SF6043375152195
TDK930 4PX3000133712495CN
TDK937 SF6043375152201
TDK941 DY0100010601425
TDK947 SF6043375152210
TDK948 SF6043375153084
TDK953 DY0100010601433
TDK954 DY0100010601102
TDK965 SF6043375152238
TDK966 SF6043375152247
TDK969 SF6043375152256
TDK972 SF6043375152274
TDK974 DY0100010601110
TDK975 SF6043375152283
TDK979 SF6043375152292
TDK984 SF6043375152317
TDK985 SF6043375152326
TDK986 SF6043375152353
TDK989 SF6043375152362
TDK990 3A5V607211864
TDK991 DY0100010601961
TDK992 SF6043375152371
TDK993 DY0100010601979
TDK994 SF6043375152404
TDK996 SF6043375152413
TDK999 DY0100010601441
TDK1001 SF6043375152422
TDK1006 DY0100010602381
TDK1008 DY0100010602399
TDK1011 DY0100010602407
TDK1015 SF6043375180102
TDK1016 SF6043375152431
TDK1017 SF6043375196792
TDK1018 SF6043375152459
TDK1019 SF6043375152468
TDK1020 4PX3000133720179CN
TDK1021 DY0100010601458
TDK1026 SF6043375152477
TDK1028 SF6043375152486
TDK1033 4PX3000134485800CN
TDK1036 DY0100010602415
TDK1040 DY0100010601987
TDK1042 DY0100010602423
TDK1046 DY0100010601466
TDK1047 DY0100010601474
TDK1054 SF6043375152495
TDK1058 DY0100010602431
TDK1064 SF6043375202572
TDK1066 SF6043375152510
TDK1069 DY0100010601128
TDK1071 SF6043375152529
TDK1075 4PX3000133783877CN
TDK1076 DY0100010601995
TDK1078 DY0100010602449
TDK1080 SF6043375196808
TDK1083 DY0100010601136
TDK1086 SF6043375152538
TDK1088 4PX3000133771447CN
TDK1092 SF6043375152547
TDK1094 SF6043375152556
TDK1102 SF6043375152565
TDK1104 SF6043375152574
TDK1105 SF6043375153772
TDK1106 DY0100010602001
TDK1109 10004136457889
TDK1110 SF6043375152608
TDK1112 SF6043375152617
TDK1116 SF6043375153897
TDK1117 SF6043375153921
TDK1119 SF6043375153930
TDK1122 SF6043375154158
TDK1128 SF6043375154485
TDK1129 3A5V607211679
TDK1131 SF6043375152501
TDK1136 DY0100010601144
TDK1137 4PX3000133756918CN
TDK1139 SF6043375153976
TDK1140 DY0100010602464
TDK1146 SF6043375153994
TDK1147 SF6043375180139
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