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Fulfillment for Portal by Eric Chien & TCC

Fulfillment for Portal by Eric Chien & TCC



Who is shipping my reward and how do I track it?

Packages are shipped from China with EMS Express. 

You can track HERE

PS:There may generate a new tracking number  when package arrives at your country, if necessary, please contact us to get it.

*This shipping /delivery includes two parcels. The tracking numbers is Portal. Glasses and gifts will be sent out within a week, with new tracking numbers updates sent.

We just sent out all orders and tracking will be updated later.

Please note the Portal unit contains batteries and magnets, and the volume and weight are also large, the shipping time will be much slower(About 25-35 Days). We appreaicate you be patientience. 

*IMPORTANT: Please keep track of your package status in time, by any chance the delivery does not succeed due to contact issues (nobody at home/ courier is not able to contact you), please contact your local delivery company ASAP to collect your package. Otherwise, the package could be disposed or destroyed and TCC won't take any responsibility for this.

How can I find my backer number?

It can be found in the pledge confirmation email you got from Kickstarter. 

It can also be found in the list of backed projects on your Kickstarter account.

If you don't find your tracking number here, please contact service@tccpresents.com and tell us your backer number, we will check it for you.




POR000 1Z558FR20490754897 SF6043239966128

POR1 CY002369133CN SF6043239836961

POR2 CY002369544CN SF6043239837896

POR3 1Z558FR20491675300 SF6043239947147

POR4 CY002369558CN SF6043239837902

POR6 CY002369147CN SF6043239836989

POR7 CY002369990CN SF6043239837001

POR8 CY002360735CN LV230182395CN

POR9 CY002559075CN SF6043241528571

POR11 CY002369561CN SF6043239837920

POR12 CY002369575CN SF6043239837939

POR13 CY002369592CN SF6043239837957

POR14 CY002369155CN SF6043239837038

POR15 CY002360806CN EV993260291CN

POR16 1687499262 LP114706670CN

POR17 CY002369601CN SF6043239837966

POR21 CY002369615CN SF6043239837975

POR22 CY002391613CN SF6043239947192

POR23 CY002391600CN SF6043239947174

POR24 CY002391423CN SF6043239947474

POR25 CY002369629CN SF6043239837984

POR26 CY002369589CN SF6043239837948

POR27 2.8365E+11 LV230274715CN

POR29 CY002369164CN SF6043239837056

POR30 CY002391627CN LV230320794CN

POR31 CY002369178CN SF6043239837074

POR32 CY002369632CN SF6043239838005

POR33 CY002369181CN SF6043239837108

POR34 CY002391635CN SF6043239947217

POR35 CY002369646CN SF6043239838014

POR36 CY002369663CN SF6043239838032

POR37 CY002369650CN SF6043239838023

POR38 CY002369677CN SF6043239838041

POR41 CY002369195CN SF6043239837135

POR42 CY002369204CN SF6043239837153

POR43 CY002392049CN LV230327925CN

POR44 CY002369694CN SF6043239838078

POR45 CY002369685CN SF6043239838069

POR48 CY002369218CN SF6043239837171

POR49 CY002392070CN LV230936970CN

POR50 CY002391644CN SF6043239947226

POR51 CY002369703CN SF6043239838087

POR52 CY002393486CN LV230322954CN

POR53 CY002369221CN SF6043239837199

POR55 283845958970

POR56 CY002392145CN LV230327510CN

POR57 CY002369235CN SF6043239837223

POR58 CY002369955CN SF6043239838493

POR59 CY002369249CN SF6043239837241

POR61 CY002369969CN SF6043239838509

POR62 CY002369252CN SF6043239837269

POR63 CY002369717CN SF6043239838096

POR64 CY002369266CN SF6043239837287

POR66 CY002391658CN SF6043239947235

POR67 CY002370471CN SF6043239838102

POR68 CY002369725CN SF6043239838111

POR70 CY002369734CN SF6043239838120

POR71 CY002369748CN SF6043239838139

POR74 CY002360823CN LV230182452CN

POR75 CY002391661CN SF6043239947244

POR76 CY002391675CN SF6043239947253

POR77 CY002369270CN SF6043239837302

POR78 1Z558FR20490987289 LV230182418CN

POR79 CY002369283CN SF6043239837339

POR80 CY002369297CN SF6043239837375

POR81 CY002391437CN LV230320865CN

POR82 CY002391689CN SF6043239947262

POR83 CY002369306CN SF6043239837393

POR84 CY002369751CN SF6043239838148

POR85 CY002391445CN SF6043239947483

POR86 CY002391454CN SF6043239946973

POR87 CY002369310CN SF6043239837417

POR88 CY002391692CN SF6043239947271

POR89 CY002369779CN SF6043239838175

POR90 CY002370030CN SF6043239838227

POR91 CY002439421CN

POR92 CY002369323CN SF6043239837444

POR93 CY002391468CN SF6043239946982

POR94 CY002369765CN SF6043239838166

POR95 CY002369796CN SF6043239838209

POR96 CY002392199CN LV230326284CN

POR97 CY002369782CN SF6043239838193

POR98 CY002391471CN LV230320763CN

POR99 CY002369337CN SF6043239837462

POR100 CY002391701CN SF6043239947280

POR103 CY002369805CN SF6043239838236

POR104 CY002391485CN SF6043239946991

POR105 1Z558FR20493954497 SF6043239966067

POR106 CY002391896CN SF6043239947465

PORE107 CY002360766CN LV230182435CN

POR109 CY002391715CN SF6043239947299

POR110 CY002391729CN

POR111 CY002369819CN SF6043239838245

POR112 CY002369822CN SF6043239838263

POR113 CY002391732CN

POR114 CY002369345CN SF6043239837471

POR115 CY002391499CN

POR116 CY002369354CN SF6043239837499

POR118 CY002369836CN SF6043239838281

POR119 CY002391746CN SF6043239947341

POR120 CY002391750CN SF6043239947350

POR121 2.8365E+11 LV230274729CN

POR122 CY002440019CN CY002440022CN

POR123 CY002393438CN LV230322265CN

POR125 1Z558FR20494725714

POR126 1687499251 LP114706723CN

POR127 CY002369368CN SF6043239837514

POR129 CY002391511CN

POR131 CY002369972CN SF6043239838536

POR132 CY002398744CN SF6043239966216

POR133 CY002392004CN SF6043239947492

POR134 CY002391984CN LV230323393CN

POR135 CY002371295CN SF6043239837550

POR136 283845707779 LP114707159CN

POR137 CY002371344CN SF6043239842780

POR138 CY002371392CN SF6043239838306

POR139 CY002371389CN SF6043239838527

POR140 CY002371415CN SF6043239837578

POR141 1ZF1E6290412705204 CY002440115CN

POR142 CY002434251CN

POR144 CY002371446CN SF6043239838324

POR145 CY002371463CN SF6043239838342

POR146 CY002460486CN LP114765960CN

POR147 CY002371485CN SF6043239837596

POR148 283649599042 LV230274746CN

POR149 CY002391936CN LV230323141CN

POR151 CY002371503CN SF6043239837611

POR152 CY002391882CN SF6043239947456

POR153 CY002391525CN LV230320777CN

POR154 CY002391539CN LV230320785CN

POR155 CY002391542CN

PORE156 CY002360845CN LP114706737CN

POR158 CY002360854CN LP114706745CN

POR160 1Z558FR20491539707 SF6043239947369

POR163 CY002369853CN SF6043239838351

POR165 CY002369385CN SF6043239837657

POR168 CY002369399CN SF6043239837675

POR169 CY002391777CN SF6043239947378

POR170 CY002369408CN SF6043239837693

POR171 CY002391785CN SF6043239947387

POR173 CY002369867CN SF6043239838379

POR174 CY002391794CN SF6043239947401

POR175 CY002369411CN SF6043239837717

POR177 CY002391556CN SF6043239947068

POR178 CY002369425CN SF6043239837726

POR179 CY002391803CN SF6043239947410

POR181 CY002393455CN LV230322676CN

POR182S CY002369439CN SF6043239837744

POR183 CY002460472CN SF6043239966100

POR185 CY002391560CN SF6043239947095

POR187 CY002370349CN SF6043239837753

POR189 CY002439568CN SF6043239966119

POR190 CY002370454CN SF6043239838388

POR191 CY002391817CN SF6043239948690

POR192 CY002369442CN SF6043239837762

POR193 CY002391825CN LV230320825CN

POR194 CY002369875CN SF6043239838397

POR197 CY002360868CN LP114706768CN

POR198 CY002391834CN SF6043239947429

POR199 CY002391573CN SF6043239947101

POR200 1ZF1E6290402037937

POR201 283651942033 EV993464017CN

PORE202 1ZF1E6290418417925   LP114706771CN

POR203 CY002369884CN SF6043239838402

POR205 CY002369456CN SF6043239837771

POR206 CY002369898CN SF6043239838411

POR207 CY002360783CN LP114706683CN

POR208 CY002369460CN SF6043239837780

POR209 CY002369473CN SF6043239837799

POR210 1ZF1E6290414937317

POR211 CY002391587CN SF6043239947138

POR212 CY002369907CN SF6043239838439

POR213 CY002369487CN SF6043239837805

POR214 CY002360885CN LV230182470CN

POR216 CY002398829CN SF6043239966021

POR217 CY002369495CN SF6043239837823

POR218 CY002434248CN SF6043239966030

POR220 CY002369500CN SF6043239837841

POR221 CY002460455CN SF6043239966400

POR222 CY002369915CN SF6043239838448

POR223 CY002398801CN LP114765942CN

POR224 CY002369924CN SF6043239838457

POR225 CY002391848CN SF6043239947438

POR226 CY002391851CN LV230320834CN

POR227 CY002391865CN LV230320851CN

POR228 CY002398815CN

POR229 CY002369513CN SF6043239837869

POR230 CY002369938CN SF6043239838475

POR232 CY002369941CN SF6043239838484

POR235 CY002369527CN SF6043239837878

POR236 CY002391879CN SF6043239947447

POR237 CY002360797CN LP114706697CN

POR238 CY002369535CN SF6043239837887

POR240 CY002484010CN SF6043239966298


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