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Magician's Table

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Special Note:

Due to the large size and weight of the Magician‘s Table, the international freight is extremely high.

Therefore, this can't be participate in our $49 Free shipping event.

Magician’s table serie will be charged part of the shipping fee ( 55USD for each on sea freight would take approximately 45-60days, or if you need air freight this would cost 210USD for each, would take approximately 7-12days,If you want this way please emali us for the detail information on this case).

The actual shipping cost is more than this, and the extra shipping cost will be borne by TCC.

Thank you for your understanding.


Magician's Table

Classic Elegance with Stylish Design. 

Integration of Ergonomics and Aesthetics.

This is the TCC PRESENTS Magician's Table.

Every professional magician, from The Mentalist to the Sleight of Hand Artist would have a need for a Magician’s table. A Magician’s table can be used as a side table during a stage or parlor performance, or as the main performance area for a closeup performance.

The commonly seen Magician’s tables on the market have many advantages while simultaneously presenting many disadvantages as well. For example, in order to increase portability and disassembly, the sturdiness and weight of the table had to be reduced, compromising the durability and service life of the table, and greatly reducing the stability of the table.

Our newly designed Magician’s Table is not only made from high-quality materials and can be disassembled for portability and storage, but is also sturdy and stable.

The TCC Presents Magician’s Table will surely become a worthy accessory for any Magicians.


TCC Presents Magician’s Table - Details and Features

  • Two sizes of octagonal tabletops. Novel and stylish. Simple and functional.
  • Four assembly combinations. Suitable for different performance conditions.
  • Stable and durable.
  • Able to be disassembled and easy to carry. Included custom storage backpack.
  • Elegant and classical in aesthetics and design. Painted and lacquer by hand.
  • Dimensions are based on the golden ratio.
  • Matching Octagonal high-quality closeup pads. Providing more options during performances. 
  • Humanized design of the middle tray, which can be added or removed if the performer so wishes, providing more flexibility and convenience.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.



Rubberwood mixed with solid wood.


2x table column structure, 2x table legs, 1x Large tabletop, 1x Large Closeup Pad, 1x Small tabletop, 1x Small Closeup Pad, 1x Circular Tray, 1x Storage Backpack.

*Table measurements (Assembled):

Weight: 9.5Kg.

Table Dimentions: 590mm*395mm

Height: 860mm



Weight: 0.5Kg.

Size: 675*450*155mm


*Tabletop Dimensions:

Small: 395mm*395mm (octagon side length 163mm)

Large: 395mm*590mm

Thickness: 25mm


*Closeup pad dimensions:

Small: 345mm*345mm (octagon side length 143mm)

Large: 345mm*547mm

Thickness: 10mm


*Column size:

Upper column size: maximum diameter 68mm, height 316mm

Lower column size: maximum diameter 62mm, height 336mm


*Middle circular tray:

Diameter: 300mm

Height: 25mm

Depth: 15mm


*Table Legs: 346*176mm, thickness 20mm


*Total weight of the entire Magician’s table with backpack: 10Kg

Note: The above dimensions are measured manually, and there may be 3-5 units of error.



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