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Magic can be said to be only a very niche artform. Most people in the world have not really understood what Magic is? I believe that many magic enthusiasts and hobbyists would definitely encounter indifference and opposition from friends and family throughout their journey into Magic. Indeed, as far as it looks, we are the minority group!

In that case, why wouldn't the playing cards we use be called 'Minority'?

Hence, this deck of playing cards was officially named: the 'Minority Deck'.

The more eagle-eyed of you will definitely notice that the Minority on the card box is missing a Y. No, this is not a typo error, but quite intentional. This is because the Minority Deck is waiting for its owner, which is You! Only when Minorit meets Y, and only when You, the magician, cracks the deck open with your own hands, would the  MinoritY deck be complete!

Now there are many eye-catching playing cards on the market, and the various designs and artwork are simply mind-boggling. Therefore, we decided to make a little change in by adhering to the principle of simplicity! In the end, we settled on a double-layered nesting tuck box, which not only ensures that the cards can be easily removed for everyday use, but also adds a touch of freshness!

For the card backs, we also chose the most minimalist solid color block as the back design of the playing cards. Although the current trend is geared toward intricate and fancier design, a minimal design would never go out of style. Simplicity is the true meaning of magic.

Available in Two colors:

Dark Red (Darker than red but not quite maroon/wine)

Dark blue (A slight hint of purple, very elegant at first glance)

In terms of the suits, we have retro-fied them. The suits have a classic retro feel of the oldest playing card suits.

Since these playing cards are specially created for magicians, of course, in addition to nostalgia, there must be something that adds to your magic, that is, the marking system and gaffs!

Firstly, we have included a very easy-to-recognize marking system on the A, 2, 3, 4, and 5, which enables you to use only these 5 cards as substitutes for the classic ESP cards.

Secondly, we have built reveals into every court cards. This will equip you with as much performance material as possible by having only a single deck of playing cards!


//King of Hearts
The spectator selects a card, the magician then shows the King of Hearts with a sword. The King gently slides across the deck, then slowly turned over. The spectator will find their card impaled onto the King of Heart's sword!

// Queen of Hearts
Roses, the color Red, Blue, and Black are very common hits in psychological forces. We have designed two roses in Queen's hands. You only need to reveal the 'prediction' after the spectator has hit the force.

// Jack of Hearts
The ultra-classic impromptu 1089 force! Random numbers are selected and after some simple calculations, the final result is on the card that the spectator has selected!



// K of Spades
Take off your watch, let the audience turn the crown. A card is then selected. Not only did the magician predict the card that would be chosen. The card selected by the audience also predicts the time the watch randomly stops at!!

// Queen of Spades
The audience's star sign is printed on a playing card randomly selected by the spectator!

// Jack of Spades
There is no reveal on this card but we left blank spaces in the center to write your own content on it. E.g. happy birthday, I love you, etc!



// King of Diamonds
A very interesting test. You ask your audience volunteer how strong they are, then show the king's sword. Ask your volunteer to flick the back of the playing card. Finally, turn the card over to discover that the King's sword was broken by your volunteer!!

// Queen of Diamonds
The reveal is the same as the Queen of Hearts.

// Jack of Diamonds
The wavy lines could be used as an ESP prediction!


// King of Clubs
The effect is the same as that of the King of Spades, but the outcome is different!

// Queen of Clubs
It is an effect that is very suitable for couples. A series of calculations result in the number 3107. The audiences are surprised to find that the numbers 3107 are printed on the playing card they selected. What's even more amazing is that when 3107 is reversed, it turns into LOVE!!

// Jack of Clubs
Very interesting find-the-card plot. The spectators select a card, then blow a kiss. After some shuffling, the magician easily found their card. You tell her that the secret of the magic is actually very simple. The kiss had left marks on the face of the playing card, and show them!!

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