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Special Note:

Due to the large size and weight of the ARTISAN MAT, the international freight is extremely high.

Therefore, this can't participate in our 49$ Free shipping event.

ARTISAN MAT will be charged part of the shipping fee (50$ each).

If you buy more than 1, we will recalculate the shipping cost and email you to confirm the amount.

The actual shipping cost is more than this, and the extra shipping cost will be borne by TCC.

Thank you for your understanding.

Owners of our Luxury leather pads can attest to the quality and exquisiteness of our close-up pads. 

The Artisan Close-up Pad now takes that to a whole new level. 

With extra-luxurious fabric and an ornate engraved solid wood base.

Product measurements and parameters:

Size: 43.9cm * 28.9cm * 2.8cm

Weight: 3.08kg (including packaging box)

Material: high-grade solid walnut wood (base) + high-grade crushed velour (Features: very delicate to the touch and does not fray). Built-in foam layer cushioning, which elevates your handling and performance.


The Red Dot Award-winning designer, Hongyin, personally designed 4 engraving patterns based on geometric elements. 

Although we thought each one was very beautiful, it was a very hard decision, but we finally decided on C for mass production.


The unique streamlined and ornate appearance makes the product uniquely recognizable and chic. Every line, curve, and arc has been carefully carved by the designer. Every etch line is art.

Non-slip silicone feet:

To maintain the perfect separation and to avoid friction between the close-up pad and the table. This not only protects the close-up pad but also prevents the close-up pad from sliding, keeping it securely stationary, and allowing the magician to be more focused on your performance.

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