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TCC TOP 10 in 2023

Hey, our magical friends!

It's been another exciting year for TCC Magic. After analyzing sales and customer feedback, here's a list of the top 10 products of 2023 in both the Magic and Accessory categories.

If you're new to our store or missed out on something, check out our collection HERE to see them all at once.

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The list includes products that have been incredibly popular and highly rated by our customers in 2023. We're sure you'll find something that catches your eye.

We hope you enjoy!

Magic Ranking TOP 10

1. Grandma's Miracle

A new version of the classic Grandma's Necklace. The miracle happens in the audience's hands.

Grandma's Miracle

2. M Box Luxury Set

A new concept coin box that truly combines the features of the Okito and Boston boxes. "Okito" and "Boston" can be switched even during mid-performance and examined at any time.

M Box Luxury Set

3. Mystery Stick

Close-Up Version of a Classic. A Combination of Brass and Wood.

Mystery Stick

4. X Light

Swing the radiant magic wand, and a delicate feather gracefully appears. A CGI-like effect that offers a unique and enchanting magical experience in real life.

X Light

5. Mystery LED

Light up your magic room with Mystery LED. Control the LED light, turning it on or off at will.

Mystery LED

6. Tempo Elf

The tiniest remote-controlled ITR system you have ever seen.

Tempo Elf

7. The Tunnel

A high-quality, collectible coin penetration prop, with a stunning routine that requires almost no sleight of hand, perfect for magicians of all levels.

8. The Frame

Borrow a ring and pass it through the silver pendant. Experience the wonder of this new EDC!

9. Master Cups and Balls Set

Blending the Mirror Effect with the Cups, a Stunning Brilliance from All Perspectives Perfect Curvature & Upright Appearance.

Master Cups and Balls Set

10. Indian Cups and Balls

Distinctive Cups, Techniques, and Structures: Your New Choice on Cups and Balls.

Indian Cups and Balls

Accessory Ranking TOP 10

1. Super Sponge Mat

Velvet Black Surface Close-Up Mat with Bottom Memory Sponge, Improved Softness and Comfort. Can be folded or crumpled into any way. Restores in minutes!

2. Table Magic Assistant

A useful tool for magicians, providing a secret space behind the table to easily load, ditch, or switch props.

Table Magic Assistant

3. Leather Ball

A final load, and a set of four handmade leather balls, three normal and one gimmicked.

Leather Ball

4. Magician's Organizer

Specially designed for the close-up magician or magic enthusiast, a combination of portability, storage, and practicality.

Magician's Organizer

5. New Sponge Ball

The New Sponge Ball by TCC is the result of our efforts to achieve smooth handling at an affordable price.

6. Professional Magic Wand 2.0

Upgraded magic wand with an anti-oxidized tip to ensure the best condition.

Professional Magic Wand 2.0

7. Accordion-Style Multifunction Bag

A two-in-one design of the packet wallet and the playing card bag that can store more than 50 cards in total. It features an accordion-style design that can perfectly show all packets and a more compact storage design to avoid packet deformation, making it the ultimate solution for packet storage.

Accordion-Style Multifunction Bag

8. Packet Wallet

Simple final design, with fine and detailed craftsmanship.

Packet Wallet

9. Professional Combo Coin Bag

Designed to provide a perfect way to keep your props in a bag when you have too many props to stash, So you don't have to worry about bags and loose coins when you go out.

Professional Combo Coin Bag

10. Leather Pad

One of the best leather pads with the most comfortable hand property.

Leather Pad

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