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TCC October New Releases: 4 Magic Creations, Final Ending and Vapor Prediction

TCC October New Releases: 4 Magic Creations, Final Ending and Vapor Prediction

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1. 4 Magic Creations by TCC & Conan Liu are Available on TCC Magic!

4 Magic Creations by TCC & Conan Liu

FOUR Refreshed and Revitalized Classic Magic Creations.

The first one is a century-old classic supernatural effect.

Spirit Bell Pro

The well-known "Spirit Bell" effect, a classic supernatural effect with a history of over 100 years.

  • Reliable remote control trigger;
  • Powered by AAA batteries;
  • Detachable main body. Easy to store and transport.

Spirit Slates Pro

  • Made from Professional and High-quality Blackboard, Surrounded by a Walnut wooden frame.
  • Completely Silent Operation
  • Self-Working, No Suspicious Moves

The Baffling Phones

A modern take on the classic Charpentier illusion (the size-weight illusion).

  • Completely Self-Working;
  • Modern-like Objects;
  • No threads, magnets, or any sticky material;
  • No electronics;
  • Instant Reset;
  • Anytime and Anywhere.

4D Ball Box Pro

Based on the classic effect "4D Ball Trick".

  • No holder or visible interlayer attached to the lid or box;
  • Can be examined after the performance;
  • Revolutionary triggering method.

2. October New Releases: Final Ending and Vapor Prediction

Final Ending by TCC Magic

A unique combination of the Object to Impossible Location effect and Card Magic: The selected card travels to a seven-layer card box.

Final Ending by TCC Magic

A selected card with its corner torn disappears in a handkerchief and travels to a card box... not an ordinary card box! You open the card box and unexpectedly pull out another smaller card box, and another,..., when you take out the seventh card box and open it, you show the selected card inside, matching the torn corner! 

Vapor Prediction by Hyde Ren and TCC Magic

An unexpected prediction effect with a modern EDC item. The vape transforms into a selected card.

Vapor Prediction is made from a genuine vape. It looks ordinary and would not arouse suspicion. The design of the gimmick is exactly the same as the genuine one, so the exterior is truly deceptive. You cannot easily tell the difference between the genuine vape and the gimmicked one with the naked eye.

It is a real-life visual astonishment that will leave your audience with a unique experience.

Vapor Prediction by Hyde Ren & TCC

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