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TCC October 2023 New Releases

New Releases in October

Transparent Matrix

A visual handling of Matrix effect with transparent cards, examinable before and after. It can be performed surrounded by the audience, is remarkably easy to learn, and works well under various lighting conditions.
Transparaent Matrix

The Coaster

A practical on-the-go accessory for the Coin Through Glass effect. This seemingly ordinary coaster can create the illusion of coins penetrating its surface and landing in a cup. Its appearance seamlessly blends into everyday scenarios.
The Coaster

X Light

Swing the radiant magic wand, and a delicate feather gracefully appears. A CGI-like effect that offers a unique and enchanting magical experience in real life.
Catch the X Light

Releases in September

Elegant Pad

These pads showcase a revolutionary material design, setting a new standard for sophistication and comfort.
Elegant Pad

Luxury Genuine Leather Close-up Bag

Experience the world of luxury magic storage with our new and improved Luxury Close-Up Bag, now in genuine leather for an even more elegant look.

Luxury Genuine Leather Close-up Bag

Genuine Leather Accordion Style Multifunction Bag

The Ultimate Solution for Your Packet Effects: The New Accordion Style Multifunction Bag in Genuine Leather

Genuine Leather Accordion Style Multifunction Bag

Spar Playing Card

A limited release, incredibly rare. And never to be reprinted. Once they're sold out, they're gone. Unique discounts. Available exclusively at TCC.

SPAR Playing Cards

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For all of our magic products and some of the accessries, we provide online tutorial.

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About TCC

Started in 2008 and founded in 2011, TCC is one of China's most well-known and trusted magic companies. 

From the first year to the twelfth, we believe that continuous effort will be rewarded. We have always desired to be the most respected and valuable magic company in the world. We also aspire to become a supplier in the magic industry that creates both affordable and heart-touching products. This is the vision we still need to keep working on.

And thank you very much for your support and trust all the time.

Meanwhile, TCC will also carry out internal adjustments, be more focused on the creation of our own products, and establish the Quality Guarantee Team, to ensure continuous improvement of quality control.

TCC aims to become a company that "serves and creates value for the magic industry", and we will continue to work hard for the magic industry we love.

We thank you all for your continued support.



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